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Some unused stuff from my games, mostly consisting of sprites & audio.
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> Josh Dumb
> Milk Man: Shit Edition
> Bienvenido: the game lol
> Crap OS

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Josh Dumb

Source Code

> Josh Dumb Source.yyz (4.48 MB)

I've covered the majority of unused content from this game here, but if have Game Maker Studio 2 and want to look at absolutely everything in the game, here's the source code.


All audio was recorded with audacity over a discord call, so sometimes it cuts out from input sensitivity, not that it matters because everything is terrible by default.

All of them are recorded by Squily.

warning: these are LOUD.

For some reason Squily can't say "can you get me some milk from the fridge"

One of the texts that pops up when you die in the game is "Ow pain." That's something that Squily used to say normally in real life. It was never used because I ran out of time.

You can hear Blackout City in the background of this one lol.

For some reason Squily still can't say "can you get me some milk from the fridge"

The final used audio in the game. Now you know why it's spliced so much.

Unused Graphics/Other

Josh's Brother as a playable character

I planned on adding an expansion to the game where you play as Josh's Brother after he gets dropped into the volcanoe at the end. I forgot why I never ended up making it.

All of these were programmed except for the soccer ball, they were just never used a level because I didn't make enough levels.

This is C163 from the game LN, which wasn't released to the public. I drew C163 differently in every game maker game I made for the sprite used in game object that holds all of the data.
Milk Hi-Res

I was going to used the milk that Josh picks up at the end of the game in the final cutscene, but ran out of time to do that.

Also, Josh is missing on the milk if you didn't notice. I don't know how that works either.

This was used when the bomb item explodes. I know I followed some pixel art tutorial to make it, but I don't remember which one it was.

Milk Man: Shit Edition

Original story

I'll include the original story of the game here once I release the sequel.

I'm probably going to use parts of the original story in that game, and I don't want to spoil anything.

Early build of the game

> Milk_Man_Map_Test.exe (3.30 MB)

This is from July 30, 2020, 2 days before the game was finished. It has different grass, dirt, door, and tree graphics from the finished game. There's also no gang members, and npcs have slightly different textures and can't wander.

Loading map files from the finished game into this game causes a crash.

Bienvenido! the game lol & Brog3D


> Game Maker: Studio 1.4 source code (8.03 MB)


Left: Original water texture
Right: Weird-Ass Random texture

I replaced the original water texture because I thought it looked too bright in contrast to everything else in the world.

The weird-ass random texture is actually viewable in the game, hidden away behind the dirt walls in the final map, but it goes unused for most of the game so I thought I should include it here anyways.


These lines went unused, either because they were placeholders, or because I replaced them with better ones.
words.mp3 (placeholder)

Before I recorded all of the cutscene lines, I played this in place of all of the proper lines to test the cutscenes.

It was pretty fun to watch these test runs. Each shot would follow the next as soon as the audio clip ended, so you'd hear "words words words" while the camera instantly pans to the next dude's face.
woah.mp3 (original)

woah2.mp3 (replacement)

The original went unused because I thought it wasn't funny enough.
cust_wth.mp3 (original)

cust_wth_revamped.mp3 (replacement)

These lines are from when the customer (guy dude with face) walks into the restaurant for the first time, after all of the weird waiter interactions.

The original went unused because I felt like it didn't portray guy dude's confusion well enough.
wait_shutup1.mp3 (unused)

wait_shutup2.mp3 (unused)

wait_shutTHEFUCKUP.mp3 (used)

When the customer tells the waiter that he ordered the wrong food, these were the clips I considered using.

I think it's obvious why the first two clips went unused.


This game turned into Bienvenido once I got the idea to make that game. It was meant to be a Postal 2 clone set in a brog world.

In August 2021 I was able to salvage the source code of Brog3D from my dying laptop. It contained all of the sprites and editor code, but none of the actual test maps I made for it.

I remember some of the test maps I made though. One was a stairwell, another was a map with a strange house and forest titled "weird forest", and a few others included a cabin by the lake and stone ruins. None were particularly interesting though.

> Brog3dTest.exe (2.81 MB)
> Brog3dText.gmz (532 KB) (Game Maker: Studio 1.4 source code)
> brog3d_editor_instructions.txt (2 KB)


20x20 Entity Icons

These are sprites of Dood and BK, 2 characters from a stupid comic I drew in early 2020.

They were used to represent entities in the map editor, which looked like this:

[view in full resolution]
Block Textures

The two water sprites were 2 frames of an animation. Also the 4 white sprites were titled "rtiles" which meant "Restaurant Tiles".

I think I was trying to create the bienvenido restaurant with brog3d sprites before I decided on the final style.

I've made a C163 sprite for every game I've made in 2019 and after.

Crap OS

Source Code

Unfortunately, I lost it. I might get it one day if I can get my old computer fixed though.


Vaporwave-ish computer icon

I made this because I thought it looked cool.
Pointing brog program icons

These were an imitation of a shitty ms paint drawing I made while bored.
Dood on the Newgrounds tank

I made this to practice drawing the Newgrounds tank, which I used in the end screen of the post-jam version.
Unused flying face enemy

I didn't add this enemy to the game because I ran out of time and gave up on fully designing it.

The one on the left was used for the game object in the source code.

The one on the right was an edit of the shut down icon that I made for fun.


I was going to use the Yume Nikki witch flight theme for the end screen of the post-jam version of the game, but it's probably copyrighted, so I used my song Scykle instead, which I made long before the game.


Source Code

> joshdumb2.gmk (5.80 MB)

You need Game Maker 8.0 Pro to open this.


These were recorded by myself and Squily.
josh1_1.mp3 (Catalystl)

This was the original opening line, I didn't deliver it that well. I wish I had more recordings of me from this game, but whatever, Squily's recordings are funnier.
brother1_1.mp3 (Squily)

brother1_2.mp3 (Squily)

brother1_3.mp3 (Squily)

These all use slightly different lines from the final ones.


[view in full resolution]

Squily drew this. It went unused because I thought it looked too non-shitty for the game.

[view in full resolution]

I drew this. It was basically just concept art.