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1.1.2020 - 4:08 PM

Now every finished game I've made is on the site. I realized I could embed Josh Dumb & Crap OS instead of having to buy a neocities supporter account to host them here, so that means I never had to learn javascript and make my games with that. I'm still glad I chose to learn javascript though because it's useful for sites and made me a better programmer.

The archive section for the site is now up too. Right now there is a version of soupy cartoon from August of 2020 there, and an archive of my old website, Catpage.

I still used Catpage at the time I made Josh Dumb, so you can see it in that game, though it's still dead. Speaking of that game, I put together a collection of unused content from it on the archive section as well.

Lastly, I added music to the home page. The song that plays is a remix of a song I made in 2018 titled "swirl". I originally wanted to play A Depressing Song by Deporitaz on the home page, but I need a supporter account to host that.

Currently, the music is played using Beepbox's synth.js.