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I went absent for 75% of the year, nice

9.4.2022 - 3:?? AM

Milk Man 2's out now, finally. I made a vow to myself a long time ago to not update this site until I'd finished the game but I wish I hadn't done that since, well... 9 months passed and this site just ended up not getting updated at all. Now that the game's finally out of the way though, I'll definitely be spending more time updating this place.

Milk Man 2's development truly was hell. Lots of things happened that got in the way of me making it besides just school and normal life stuff, all of it my fault, but um, shush. I ended up pushing the limits of Game Maker and obsessed over optimizing the game a bit too much, got way too ambitious thinking of new gameplay mechanics to add, fought against a couple hard-to-track-down game-breaking bugs, and jumped OSes from Windows to Linux, causing tons of things to break. Still though after all of that I just couldn't drop the game completely because, well, I'm sick of starting new projects and never finishing them.

So what'll I be up to next? Well I definetely won't be using Game Maker anymore for a couple reasons: it's Windows-only and I use Linux now, it's not FOSS (which I started to care about once I switched to Linux), and I've generally just grown bored of programming in it. I've learned C over the summer (here's a sick project I made in it) and currently I'm learning C++, and compared to programming in those languages, writing stuff with Game Maker just feels... limiting. I'm planning on making my own games from the ground up with SDL and C++ for now. Game Maker'll still hold a special place in my heart though even if I won't be using it.

Aside from the technological side of things, the actual games i'll be making will probably be revivals of old 2d games or game ideas I haven't done much with. They also wont be huge shitpost anti-games like the past few ones I've released.

Site-wise I'm gonna try to add a proper page for Josh Dumb 2, add pages for some old dead game projects I've started over the years, and maybe add more ramblings to the writings section.