Spelunky Cata Edition
This is a mod I made for the classic version of Spelunky, which removed all of the blood and guns so I could play the game at school.

This was technically the first ""game"" I released on the internet. It came out on December 25th, 2019.


  • Blood is replaced with Coins (that you can't pick up)
  • Jaws/Old Bitey has no blood on their jaws
  • Piranhas aren't bloody
  • Spikes don't turn bloody
  • Kali's Altar has no blood on it
  • Shotgun & Pistol are now Water Guns
  • Shotgun firing sound is replaced with the Item Pickup Sound
  • Alien Lord's Death Animation has no blood

Random Changes:

  • Damsel changed to Sans
  • Bombs changed to Roblox Player Head
  • Shotgun changed to Water Gun
  • Pistol changed to Slightly Uglier Water Gun
  • Machete changed to Lightsaber
  • Scepter changed to Golden Roblox Head
  • Mattock changed to Diamond Pickaxe
  • Crates changed to Amazook Crates (I don't know what those are)
  • Chests changed to Amazook Brokes (I made that up)
  • Rock changed to Sprite Cranberry
  • Random Crap added to the Title Screen
  • Sticky Bombs changed to Spazzing Roblox Head
  • Shotgun blasts make an Item Pickup Sound (sounds like bubbles I guess)
  • Bomb Pickups have a Roblox Face on them
  • Flare Crates have a Spazzing face on them
  • Stars Room description says "game end" instead of "kill"
  • Tunnel Man's animations are screwed up

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As of 7.9.2021 this has 147 downloads... what the hell.

how 2 install:
1. replace "Spelunky.exe" with the mod exe
2. done