Good freeware video games
Even though I really like video games, I rarely buy any of them.
If you're like me or just want to know about some good freeware games then here's a list of them with links to the download pages.
Cons of each game I can think of are listed in red.
  • Cave Story - Super polished run & gun platformer with a good soundtrack

  • Spelunky Classic - Tough and smartly designed roguelike platformer with lots of risks & rewards

  • Sven Coop - Standalone version of Half-Life with multiplayer
    (It's probably worthwhile to just play Half-Life first)

  • Nintendo Nightmare - 3d platforming & action game with a lot of charm & content
    (Takes a while to get used to)

  • Yume Nikki - A game where you explore creepy dream worlds
    (It's probably boring for some because of the slow pace)

freeware is the fricking best, dude

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