celestia walkthrough

spoils everything!

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get the key. Seriously, all you need to type is "get key". You don't even need to know where it is.

then open the chest, you will find a knife for later. Who knows what that'll be used for though.
(you when you read the rest of this walkthrough or look at the image above)

then you get the chest.

then you fill the chest with water.
immediately you will walk through the hallway because I was too lazy to add a section where all you had to do was that.

don't pick up the scroll. Throw your knife at the piercer though. "throw knife at piercer" is the command.

now use your chest on the fire to put it out.

open da door.

talk to the leprechaun, he'll steal your stuff and then give you a rope.

search the bush for a hook.

use the hook on the rope to make a grappling hook.

use the grappling hook on the oak tree.

get the innovative tree climbing boots.

climb up the pine tree.

use the axe on the fence.

get the long plank.

place the long plank on the rock.

sit on the long plank.

talk to the leprechaun.

good for you. You cheated.