It's been a long time since I've written another log, and the world
basically got lit on fire between now and when I wrote the last log, so I
hope anyone out there reading this is safe right now. I do have good news
though, and that's that I participated in my first Ludum Dare on April 18th
and finished an actual game!

It's called Josh Dumb, which was sounds way better than if I named it
Dumb Josh. That itself would be dumb. Anyways, I ported it here so you can
read about it in the games section if you're interested.

Here's the link to the Ludum Dare page:

Josh Dumb on Ludum Dare

Here's the link to the Game Jolt page (for windows downloads):

Josh Dumb on Game Jolt

I'm still working on that LN remake and I got really far into it, however,
Josh Dumb is still being worked on because I want to add a few more levels
into it, and I'll be working on that until I finish it and get back to LN.


  Hi to all 1 people that read these logs. (that one person being me)
The wip title to the game I'm working on is 8d1k. I've taken a long break
from working on it to collect myself and it's not abandoned, nor will it
ever be abandoned, I promise.

 After finishing up a lot of things on 8d1k, I realized that the work I
accomplished was much harder in comparison to doing something such as
remaking LN to put it on Catpage, so I'm gonna go do that, as well as put
it on I'm not sure when that will happen, but it will.

Thanks to all of my friends for giving me tons of support on LN btw.

 Now if anybody actually does read these logs besides me, I wanted to make up
in some way shape or form for not updating by showing you guys a secret part
of the site.

LN 2018 - A Really old LN Build.

This is a build of LN that was made prior to December of 2018. That's when the LN you guys know about began development. This old build is what 8d1k is going to based off of.

Looks pretty sus.

 The "game" is obviously unfinished, which is why it isn't in the games
section of the site. It's just a little thing you can run when digging
through these logs for a bit more info. (BTW, keys 0-9 select the room you're

 I restarted development on LN 2 times, and this was my second attempt
at making the game. I trashed it because my code and art were sloppy, and
while everybody wants to do that at some point in their game's devlopment,
you shouldn't do it because you need to finish what you started.

 In this case though, I was still really new to programming so my third
attempt at making LN was my first real one in my opinion.


  I'm sick at the moment so I won't get as much work done on any of my
games as I usually do. Besides that, here's another update for the stuff
I've been doing.

All of these characters have been programmed except for the orange guy.

  There were originally going to be 8 robots used in this game but
controlling 8 robots at once is a recipe for messy and unfocused levels.
You'll only control 4 at a time with certain robots switching out at
different points of the game. There's a built in level editor you can use
to make your own disgusting level where you control 8 people at once if
that's something you really want to do though.

  Right now I don't know when i'll release a demo for this game and I
don't want to make any promises for when it'll come out that I can't keep.
The only promise I'm gonna make and stick to is that I won't abandon this
game until it's complete.


  I've been working on a spinoff title for LN in which you control a
group of four robots with different abilities to navigate through levels.
I spent pretty much every day of Christmas break working on it, and I've
set my goals for the project. I want to get a demo for that game out soon.
Once that's released, I'll update Pumpking's Revenge and add a proper level
editor to it using the code from the game I'm working on now.

  After I patch up Pumpking's Revenge,
I'm gonna work on my other project until I
finish it. Also LN has not been abandoned
and If I have the time, I will port it to
my Catpage. Icevain however, is abandoned
for now.